Tuesday, September 10, 2013

College Football Week 1

So far I have 17 vids up. I'll have a few more games up for week 1, but I have NFL week 1 and College Football Week 2 to get to first. But here's the playlist so far.


Games are
North Carolina vs South Carolina
Indiana State vs Indiana
Utah State vs Utah
Liberty vs Kent State
Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt
Rutgers vs Fresno State
Rice vs Texas A&M
Washington State vs Auburn
Temple vs Notre Dame
Syracuse vs Penn State
Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State
Eastern Washington vs Oregon State
Nevada vs UCLA
Alabama vs Va Tech
LSU vs TCU and
Pittsburgh vs Florida State

I will probably add a couple more games after I'm done with week 2 which will end up with probably half the amount of games week 1 will end up having.

I will have about 12 or 13 NFL week 1 games. One of them is already posted. But I'll get to that for the NFL post which will hopefully be up by Wednesday.

One last announcement I'm moving games on to jwplayer and will link them here. There's a video limit of 10 per month and I don't see an HD setting there. Maybe you have to pay more for those features. And I may end up doing that. But I always want to have a backup plan for games in case the youtube channels get shut down and this seems like the best option for now. I also still have a lot of vids up on veoh.