Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cowboys 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NFL 2013 Week 4


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Minnesota Vikings(at Wembley Stadium, UK)

Baltimore Ravens vs Buffalo Bills

Arizona Cardinals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Seattle Seahawks vs Houston Texans

Philadelphia Eagles vs Denver Broncos

Dallas Cowboy vs San Diego Chargers

New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Monday Night Football

Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints

NCAA Week 5

Thursday Night Game

Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech 

Saturday Games
Oklahoma State Cowboys vs West Virginia Mountaineers 

South Carolina Gamecocks vs Central Florida Knights 

 LSU Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs

Oklahoma Sooners vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish 

 Texas A&M Aggies vs Arkansas Razorbacks 

 Wisconsin Badgers vs Ohio State Buckeyes

NFL 2013 Week 3

NFL Week 3


Sunday Noon
St. Louis Rams vs Dallas Cowboys

Cleveland Browns vs Minnesota Vikings

San Diego Chargers vs Tennessee Titans

Detroit Lions vs Washington Redskins

Green Bay Packers vs Cincinnati Bengals

Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets

Atlanta Falcons vs Miami Dolphins

Arizona Cardinals vs New Orleans Saints

New York Giants vs Carolina Panthers

Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos

NCAA 2013 Week 4

Sorry I got behind on this blog. I'll try and keep up now.

Thursday Night game
Clemson Tigers vs North Carolina State Wolfpack

Friday Night Game
Boise State Broncos vs Fresno State Bulldogs

Saturday Games

Michigan vs Connecticut Arkansas Razorbacks vs Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Tennessee Volunteers vs Florida Gators

Auburn Tigers vs LSU Tigers

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks vs Baylor Bears

Kansas State Wildcats vs Texas Longhorns

Michigan State Spartans vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Utah Utes vs Brigham Young Cougars

College Gameday Final

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

1969 Bears vs Packers preseason

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NCAA Football Week 3

Akron vs Michigan

Central Florida Knights vs Penn State Nittany Lions

UCLA Bruins vs Nebraska Cornhuskers

Washington Huskies vs Illinois Fighting Illini

Texas Christian Horned Frogs vs Texas Tech Red Raiders

Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas A&M Aggies

Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs Purdue Boilermakers

Mississippi State Bulldogs vs Auburn Tigers

Ole Miss Rebels vs Texas Longhorns

Virginia Tech Hokies vs East Carolina Pirates
1st Half
2nd Half

Thursday, September 12, 2013

1973 Oilers vs Giants Partial

About 30 minutes from a game in 1973.


These would be the two worst teams in the NFL that year.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NCAA Week 2

Short one this week. I'll have one more game for this week then get back to finishing week 1.

Miami vs Florida

Texas-San Antonio vs Oklahoma State
1st Half
2nd Half

Southeastern Louisiana vs Texas Christian

Oregon Ducks vs Virginia Cavaliers

South Carolina vs Georgia

Texas Longhorns vs BYU Cougars

Notre Dame vs Michigan

College Game Day Final

Youtube page is terminated.

My youtube page is gone. I've seen it coming. Tried to get all the vids private to make sure I had them all which I think I do anyway. I'll be slowly reposting everything but probably also posting it on other sites. I would like the vids to be more public and youtube just won't allow it without them getting deleted eventually. NFL doesn't want anyone seeing older games unless it's on their schedule I guess. But anyway just an update there if you tried to access my youtube page. It's gone. I'll be doing current season stuff on youtube for now. College football stuff should be up today.

NFL Week 1

Here's the season debut of the NFL.

Thursday Game
Ravens vs Broncos

Sunday Noon/early afternoon games
Bengals vs Bears

Panthers vs Seahawks

Falcons vs Saints

Raiders vs Colts

Patriots vs Bills

Vikings vs Lions

Buccaneers vs Jets

Late Afternoon games

Packers vs 49ers

Cardinals vs Rams

Sunday Night Football

Giants vs Cowboys

Monday Night Football

Eagles vs Redskins

Texans vs Chargers

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

College Football Week 1

So far I have 17 vids up. I'll have a few more games up for week 1, but I have NFL week 1 and College Football Week 2 to get to first. But here's the playlist so far.

Games are
North Carolina vs South Carolina
Indiana State vs Indiana
Utah State vs Utah
Liberty vs Kent State
Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt
Rutgers vs Fresno State
Rice vs Texas A&M
Washington State vs Auburn
Temple vs Notre Dame
Syracuse vs Penn State
Mississippi State vs Oklahoma State
Eastern Washington vs Oregon State
Nevada vs UCLA
Alabama vs Va Tech
LSU vs TCU and
Pittsburgh vs Florida State

I will probably add a couple more games after I'm done with week 2 which will end up with probably half the amount of games week 1 will end up having.

I will have about 12 or 13 NFL week 1 games. One of them is already posted. But I'll get to that for the NFL post which will hopefully be up by Wednesday.

One last announcement I'm moving games on to jwplayer and will link them here. There's a video limit of 10 per month and I don't see an HD setting there. Maybe you have to pay more for those features. And I may end up doing that. But I always want to have a backup plan for games in case the youtube channels get shut down and this seems like the best option for now. I also still have a lot of vids up on veoh. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013 Ravens vs Broncos

Friday, September 6, 2013

Super Bowl XXI

Monday, July 29, 2013

1980 Houston Oilers

Full Season playlist

Game 1 - Oilers vs Steelers
1st Half
2nd Half

Game 2 Oilers vs Browns

Game 3 Baltimore Colts vs Houston Oilers

Game 4 Bengals vs Oilers

Game 5 Seahawks vs Oilers

Game 6 Oilers vs Chiefs

Game 7 Buccaneers vs Oilers

Game 8 Oilers vs Bengals

Game 9 Oilers vs Broncos

Game 10 Patriots vs Oilers
1st Half
2nd Half

Game 11 Oilers vs Bears

Game 12 Oilers vs Jets
1st Half
2nd Half

Game 13 Browns vs Oilers

Game 14 Steelers vs Oilers

Game 15 Oilers vs Packers

Game 16 Vikings vs Oilers

Wildcard Playoff Oilers vs Raiders
1st Half
2nd Half

Super Bowls Part 1 I-X

Super Bowl I reconstruction

Super Bowl I NFL Films

Super Bowl II
1st Half
2nd Half

NFL Films

Super Bowl III
Full game

NFL Films

Super Bowl IV
Black and white for the most part but color at the very end.
1st Half
2nd Half

NFL Films

Super Bowl V
NFL Films

Super Bowl VI-Broadcast version(includes pre game and post game

1st Half
2nd Half

Link 2-Game only

NFL Films

Super Bowl VII
Full game

NFL Films

Super Bowl VIII
Full Game

NFL Films

Super Bowl IX
1st Half
2nd Half

NFL Films

Super Bowl X
NFL Films